Inspired by the trends. Basement Living shows you how less is more. We will match all the ingredients to help you finish your material selection in time to start your reno working with clean lines and monochromatic color pallets. The key is simplicity in every area of your home.


Going in a radical but modern color pallet we introduce you a black material selection. We will work on a mix of grey pallet and play with natural and rustic sense with a metal finishes. High on demand modern finishes and vintage accents are here for you. Are you ready for this?


Natural and earthy tones will always makes you feel at home. The simplicity of the color pallet that we will suggest you from tiles to laminate floor will get you bright and cozy spaces. Don’t settle for less in this new stage of your life.


Classic and timeless tones always on demand. From beige to brown material selection with soft and smooth edges will always be traditional and classic. Dark and warm tones means comfortable and elegant environment but also will always mean love.

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